Horses' Mouths - September 2

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Mat Sabu and communists
Utusan lied...they made up stories about my speech. When I checked back at the recording, the word ‘communist’ is not in my speech.
Mohamad Sabu, PAS deputy president, on reports that he expressed support for communists

I did not expect this to happen but unfortunately the ones who are pushing this trend is PAS. This trend has continued up to the point where they are idolising communists who killed so many of our security personnel.
Dr Mahathir Mohamad
It's provocation... to have us react; it's clearly not working.
Hishamuddin Hussein, Home minister
Now, they are saying he is supporting communism. Is there any credibility to these accusations?
Lim Guan Eng, DAP secretary general, telling Mat Sabu's critics to make up their minds whether he is an 'Islamic extremist' or a communist.
Touching on a sensitive topic from 61 years ago is unfair and I feel he must seriously consider retracting his statement given the negative reception he has drawn. I am not anti-PAS nor anti-Sabu, I disagree with his views on this matter. I see no positive development for PR, it is negative.
Karpal Singh, DAP chairman
In 1950, were the communists fighting against the colonialists or the country? Or course it was the British colonialists. That is the reality because the nation was not yet independent, so those they (CPM) fought against were the British government and those collaborating with the British to rule over Tanah Melayu. 
Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man, PAS information chief
PM ala-Japan
Japan is still an economic power. Despite changing PM every year. We should try it here.
Zaid Ibrahim, KITA president
60 seats
Our strategy for 2008 was to take over states and we succeeded in governing three. This time, we want to add parliament seats.
Abdul Hadi Awang, PAS president, aiming to win 60 seats in parliament in the next general election

Popularity drop

Besides pocket-book issues, the poll result also suggests some linkage with adverse public perception of how the government handled events and public discourse arising from the Bersih 2.0 rally and other related events.
Merdeka Centre, saying Najib Razak’s approval rating is now at 59 per cent
We do not take the report too seriously as the perception of the people can change from time to time. What is important now is what we need to address the issues to ensure that the prime minister continues to get strong support.
Muhyiddin Yassin, deputy PM
This indicates that voters are moving towards Pakatan Rakyat (PR).
Anwar Ibrahim
Oppressed nation
Independence does not necessarily translate as just freedom from colonial oppression. In fact, it covers all aspects of life, politics, economy, moral and society. Every day, we seem fated to ‘sacrifice’ and change our lifestyles to survive. But millions of ringgit are being spent without thinking of the impact on the rakyat.
Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, PKR president
Asylum swap failure?

We are determined to tackle this trade in human misery. In light of today’s ruling we will be working closely with the Australian government to determine the best course of action.
Home Ministry, saying Malaysia-Australia refugee swap deal was still the best solution to tackle human trafficking in both countries despite an Australian court declaring it illegal
Another month for JAIS-DUMC saga

From JAIS’s perspective, they think there’s a prima facie case. Harapan Komuniti said it’s just a gathering.
Khalid Ibrahim, Selangor MB, saying the Selangor Islamic Religious Department will complete a report on Damansara Utama Methodist Church by end of September

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